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  • Artificial Intelligence Technology

  • 100% Invoice Life-Cycle Management

  • Anti-Fraud Functionality

  • Fast Deployment Model

  • Rapid Return on Investment

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What we can do for you

Efficiency Leaders’ value proposition is clear; our accounts payable automation platform will ensure a high return on investment, shorter payback period and lower systems integration risk than any other business process automation alternative.

Artificial Intelligence

Built on artificial intelligence principles, our technology leverages deep learning methods and multi-level analyses.

Seamless Integration

With our traditional and contemporary integration methods, we ensure seamless system connectivity and communications.

System Configuration

Comprehensive system configuration allows for fast deployment and on-the-fly adaptability of future requirements.

Admin Console

User profiles allow for the creation of access control lists with granular process, file and field-level permissions. 

Task List

The task list is a collection of recorded tasks that are assigned to one or several business users for further action and management.

Document Repository

Contains a single point of information storage allowing for life-cycle management, visibility, control and audit: what, why, when, how.


The application is highly secure and provides seamless management of user profiles and groups.

Fraud Detection

The system performs several automated fraud detection checks including Tax, GST, BSB and Account information checks.

24/7 Available Support

Depending on your business needs, we are able to provide 24/7 support worldwide in different time zones.

Share our customers’ success

On average our customers achieve the following results:


RapidAP will assist in reducing the average time to process an invoice in under 3  days.


A significant increase in invoices being paid on time, enabling SLA’s to be met. Keeping your suppliers happy.


Our platform has been recognised for reducing invoice processing cost to $2.40 per invoice, well below global averages.


RapidAP reduces manual key-strokes in excess of 91%, making data-entry errors a thing of the past.


No email monitoring, copying or scanning of invoices is required, RapidAP automatically manages this aspect of the process.

Hear our customers

We have been providing tailor-made solutions and creating strong bonds over 10 years with a variety of industries, successfully improving their efficiency and process methodology.

We would recommend the team at Efficiency Leaders to any organisation who were undertaking a business process automation project at an enterprise level and would caution others to learn from our experience

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We have been building strong relationships with our customers over the past 10 years.

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