Transform your AP function from a cost center to a profit center

With Efficiency Leaders cloud-based AP automation solution, capturing an invoice, handling exceptions, and paying your suppliers on time has never been easier.

On average our clients achieve an 

82% cost reduction on invoice processing

RapidAP – A holistic solution in 4 steps

Optimise your data capture with our AI-Driven OCR

Our AI-Driven OCR automates ingestion and data interrogation of supplier invoices and credit notes.

Average achievements: 92% reduction in document handling and keystrokes.

Monitor each action with an integrated invoice Library

RapidAP provides an integrated invoice library to
complement the end-to-end invoice life-cycle with
instant notifications, fraud detection, deeper search capabilities and prompt resolution to vendors’ queries.

Integrate with your existing ERP

Handle exceptions and create
flexible workflows with our
Business Rules Engine

The BRE allows documents to be driven through automated workflow processes based on the specific business rules being triggered. Permission levels, triggers, task notifications and compliance checks are all configurable in order to achieve a touch-less process.

Enjoy the benefits of seamless integration with real-time data exchange

Our solution provides Web APIs (REST-based API and SOAP)
and can integrate via SQL stored procedures and flat file
for older ERPs.

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With RapidAP, discover how your team can collaborate, manage and process invoices faster and more effectively than ever.

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