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Our Account Payable Automation Software, RapidAP, makes your AP process faster, easier and far more efficient.

Account Payable Automation

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The Problem – Why you need Account Payable Automation?

Manual Invoice Processing is error-prone, expensive and inefficient!

Manual invoice processing takes 15-20 days on average

63% of companies experience invoice processing errors regularly

Manual invoice processing costs $15.54 per invoice on average

Account Payable Automation

The Solution – Account Payable Automation with RapidAP

Automate your Account Payables with RapidAP and

Reduce Invoice Processing Time to less than 3 days

Bring down Invoice Processing Cost to $3 per invoice on average

Eliminate invoice processing errors with 100% Data Accuracy

How does our AP Automation Work?

Streamline your Invoice Processing with RapidAP


Our latest OCR technology captures data from all types of invoices from pdf, jpg, and png to doc, xls, bpm, PEPPOL eInvoices and more.


Our solution is highly configurable and easy to implement. You can customise it to meet your business’s compliance requirements.


You can create workflows to handle exceptions quickly, and to keep invoices moving through approvals.

Check out how much you can save with AP Automation!

Free Account Payable Processing Costs Calculator

Use our Account Payable Processing Calculator to compare manual invoicing costs with automated invoicing costs and see how much you can save by automating your Accounts Payable.

Remember our RapidAP reduces your costs by 82%. Use it as a benchmark when choosing an Account Payable Automation Software.


Reduction in Invoice Processing Cost


Reduction in Manual Data Entry


Data Accuracy

Contact Details

$9.94per Invoice
$9.94per Invoice

* Including implementation costs

The calculation is generated with a computer driven mathematical model and relies on user input. Future costs estimates are based on many assumptions and may fluctuate. These estimations are intended as a guide only.

$9.94Months for ROI

What are our Customers Saying

Efficiency Leaders has helped several companies streamline their Financial Processes and become more efficient while saving costs and improving profits. Look at what our clients have to say about our solutions.

Check out our RapidAP Interactive Demo

RapidAP is Australia’s #1 Accounts Payable Automation Software. Reduce your invoicing costs and make your process faster and more efficient with this solution. Check out the Demo to see the magic of RapidAP with your own eyes.

 Why Choose RapidAP?

A Future-proof Account Payable Automation Solution with Real Results!

Touchless Experience

RapidAP’s machine learning and AI capabilities clubbed with the latest OCR technology guarantee a touchless experience for your AP team.

Smooth User Adoption

Our user-friendly interface design and rich functionality ensure the highest user adoption rates for any AP automation solution.

Personalised Experience

Our solution comes with business rules flexibility that enables organisations to cater to changes as and when their business and processes dictate.

Rapid Return on Investment

RapidAP starts reducing your invoice processing costs from day 1 ensuring you get your returns within 6-18 months of deployment.

Our Solutions Integrate with all the Major ERPs

Integrate our solutions to your ERP

RapidAP is easy to integrate with more than 98% of the ERPs available in the market. Our team works with you to ensure our solution is integrated with your ERP seamlessly and quickly.

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