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The Problem – Why you need Accounts Payable Automation?

Manual Invoice Processing is error-prone, expensive and inefficient!

Manual invoice processing takes 15-20 days on average

63% of companies experience invoice processing errors regularly

Manual invoice processing costs $15.54 per invoice on average

AP Automation

The Solution – Accounts Payable Automation with RapidAP

Automate your Accounts Payables with RapidAP and

Reduce Invoice Processing Time to less than 3 days

Bring down Invoice Processing Cost to $3 per invoice on average

Eliminate invoice processing errors with 100% Data Accuracy

How does our AP Automation Work?

Centralise Invoice Collection

  • Instead of receiving invoices through various channels (email, fax, mail),  you establish a single point of entry. This could be a dedicated email address, a web portal, or integration with your supplier’s system.
  • The AP automation software continuously monitors this central location for new invoices.

Automatic Data Entry with OCR

  • When a new invoice arrives in the designated location (e.g., email), the software leverages Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.
  • OCR extracts relevant data from the invoice, such as vendor name, invoice number, date, amount, and line items.

Automate GL Coding

  • The software uses pre-defined rules or machine learning to automatically assign General Ledger (GL) codes to each line item on the invoice.
  • These codes categorize the expense and ensure proper accounting treatment.

Set Up Automated Invoice Verification

  • The extracted data is compared against existing purchase orders or contracts.
  • Discrepancies are flagged for manual review, while invoices matching purchase orders can proceed automatically.

Streamline Approval Workflows

  • The software routes invoices requiring approval to designated personnel based on pre-defined rules (e.g., amount thresholds).
  • Approvers can review and electronically approve invoices within the system.

Facilitate Seamless Payments

  • Once approved, the software initiates payments according to your preferred method (e.g., electronic funds transfer, check printing).
  • The system can also automatically update your accounting records.

Benefits of Accounts Payable Automation

Improved efficiency and accuracy

Reduced processing time and costs

Early payment discounts

Enhanced visibility into spending

Check out how much you can save with AP Automation!

Free Accounts Payable Processing Costs Calculator

Use our Accounts Payable Processing Calculator to compare manual invoicing costs with automated invoicing costs and see how much you can save by automating your Accounts Payable.

Remember our RapidAP reduces your costs by 82%. Use it as a benchmark when choosing an Accounts Payable Automation Software.

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$9.94per Invoice
$9.94per Invoice

* Including implementation costs

The calculation is generated with a computer driven mathematical model and relies on user input. Future costs estimates are based on many assumptions and may fluctuate. These estimations are intended as a guide only.

$9.94Months for ROI

Check out our RapidAP Interactive Demo

RapidAP is Australia’s #1 Accounts Payable Automation Software. Reduce your invoicing costs and make your process faster and more efficient with this solution. Check out the demo to see the magic of RapidAP with your own eyes.

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Our Solutions Integrate with all the Major ERPs

Integrate our solutions to your ERP

RapidAP is easy to integrate with more than 98% of the ERPs available in the market. Our team works with you to ensure our solution is integrated with your ERP seamlessly and quickly.


What are our Customers Saying

Efficiency Leaders has helped several companies streamline their Financial Processes and become more efficient while saving costs and improving profits. Look at what our clients have to say about our solutions.

“Efficiency Leaders’ solution has provided cost efficiencies and improvements in processes, resources and internal controls."

Kim Collins, Executive Manager of Finance of Twin Towns

"Once again, I've been hearing nothing but praise from our AP Project members regarding your team. The feedback has been that nothing is ever an issue or too hard and they're always accommodating of our requests and concerns. Thanks for being one supplier that makes my job easy"

Cameron Fisher, Procurement Partner, Integratedliving

“On day two of our live testing in New Zealand, the director of operations called me to ask not to take the product away”

Michael Thaler, Chief Financial Officer, Daiwa Living Nesuto Holdings Australia

"Thanks to the Efficiency Leaders solution, we have shortened AP tasks from taking two weeks to just one day! “

Maree Quizon, Senior Accountant, Royal Flying Doctor Service, QLD Section

"Thank you very much for your efforts to complete the RapidAP implementation and Go live for Hyundai."

ICT Project Manager - Hyundai Motor Company Australia

"We were looking for an accounts payable automation solution to handle our non-purchase order, purchase order and credit note invoice process, and provide two-way and three-way matching for straight-through processing. With over 250,000 invoices going through accounts payable each year in our division, we needed a solution that could handle the volume of invoices and number of users we require. We conducted an initial pilot in 2019 using Rapid AP in just a few select business units and found the solution met our requirements and we have since rolled it out to all business units successfully. With access to the controlling unit of our Rapid AP solution, we can make simple changes to the configuration, workflows, and perform ad-hoc admin tasks ourselves, which saves time, and allows us the autonomy that we desire. Based on our experience, I would recommend RapidAP and the team at Efficiency Leaders to any organisation with similar requirements from a specialist accounts payable automation software system."

Sam Nagra CFO, Sonic Pathology Australia Pty Ltd

"RapidAP is a modern digital electronic AP Automation workflow system that has substantially improved the timeliness and accuracy of the invoice process lifecycle for our Australian businesses. It provides efficient processes and workflows, is flexible, easy to use and has a robust control & approval framework which has provided us with both financial and non-financial benefits since implementation."

Christopher Wilks, CFO & Finance Director, Sonic Healthcare Limited

"During the testing stage, we actually had team members coming to me and wanting to push the go-live forward because they all wanted it straightaway. They could see the benefit of it, so adoption was overnight."

 Matthew Abrahams, GM of Commercial Projects, Daiwa Living, Nesuto Holdings Australia

“I’m thrilled (and a little relieved) to see it (the AP solution) in action and to hear the genuine excitement, positive feedback and optimism for business efficiencies shared by our soon to be users."

Business Technology Owner Strategic Delivery, Lifetime Schemes – iCare NSW

“Thank you to you both and the teams involved in getting it all this far. I understand it has been complex and people have given their all and then some. This endorsement from Kat builds great confidence in me that CTP Care and the other Lifetime Schemes will have a meaningful solution to reduce file admin."

General Manager, CTP Care Lifetime Schemes – iCare NSW

 Why Choose RapidAP?

A Future-proof Accounts Payable Automation Solution with Real Results!

Touchless Experience

RapidAP’s machine learning and AI capabilities clubbed with the latest OCR technology guarantee a touchless experience for your AP team.

Smooth User Adoption

Our user-friendly interface design and rich functionality ensure the highest user adoption rates for any AP automation solution.

Personalised Experience

Our solution comes with business rules flexibility that enables organisations to cater to changes as and when their business and processes dictate.

Rapid Return on Investment

RapidAP starts reducing your invoice processing costs from day 1 ensuring you get your returns within 6-18 months of deployment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need Accounts Payable Automation?

Automating your AP process results in faster and more accurate invoice processing. It significantly reduces the cost per invoice processed and makes your business more efficient by saving considerable time and human resources. It also leads to better compliance and monitoring and more transparency.

2. If I already use OCR for my invoices, do I still need AP Automation?

Having an OCR will make your life significantly easier. However, it can’t do what an AI-driven AP Automation Automation Solution like RapidAP can do.

An AP Automation solution learns data patterns, interprets the data elements, and answers questions about tax lines, PO numbers and more without telling the system the exact location of those fields.

RapidAP is an AI-driven platform that uses the latest OCR and invoice life-cycle management technology available on the market allowing us to improve our clients’ efficiencies way beyond the market average. 

3. Why is customisation important?

Each company has its own approved hierarchy, invoice categories, auto-approval rules, approval procedures, business logic, and workflow rules.

Therefore, every company needs an AP automation solution that can be customised and configured according to their business. RapidAP helps you configure the solution according to your own rules and business logic.

4. What makes RapidAP better than other AP Automation solutions?

When we compared our metrics with the best-in-class AP processing solutions, it was found that RapidAP achieved a higher reduction in keystrokes and invoice payment time.

Moreover, our cost reduction and reduction in document preparation rates are also significantly better than any other company.

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