Accounts Payable Automation

How RapidAP can optimise your accounts payable process


AI-Driven Capture

Automate invoice image capture via mail, email or fax



Automate the collection and implementation of relevant invoice data



Ensure compliance, eliminate risk, and gain insights to support operational excellence by analysation of processes.



Streamline your business processes and increase speed, intelligence and efficiency

Accounts Payable is often one of an organisation’s largest expenses. Accurate invoicing and cash management is an integral part of optimal business health. Automating your Accounts Payable process with automation allows for greater visibility of the financial process and more predictability in relation to cash flow.

Many organisations incorrectly assume that accounts payable is an activity of low-value so is not worth investing in. However, when examined, the reasons for investing in Accounts Payable automation are compelling.

Accounts Payable are required to reduce costs, improve business performance and achieve regulatory compliance. Similarly, they are required to increase visibility and enable an organisation’s strategic initiatives. Not only do these goals conflict at times, they often compete for the same resources, limiting an Accounts Payable Department’s ability to accomplish them.

Investing in an Accounts Payable automation solution gives greater flexibility of the process. Automating those manual repetitive tasks with accounts payable software and freeing up human resources to areas where they provide greater value.

Automate your Accounts Payable processing with Efficiency Leaders

Efficiency Leaders provides a range of solutions and products that streamline  Accounts Payable automation. We combine market leading capture, process management, fraud detection, analytics and mobile capabilities that enable organisations to increase their responsiveness to customers, provide better service, gain a competitive advantage and experience greater growth while reducing operating costs. Our platform is an Accounts Payable automation super-highway that enables superior business process automation and will dramatically transform your organisation’s Accounts Payable processes. 

Efficiency Leaders can help transform your business.