Accounts Receivable Automation

Automate your AR processing with Efficiency Leaders


Why Accounts Receivable automation makes sense

Accounts Receivable, as with accounts payable, forms an integral part of optimal business health and profitability. Ensuring visibility and efficiency throughout the process is essential for your organisation to realise its full potential.

RapidAR automates the process of matching remittance information with customer invoices. It reduces the amount of unallocated cash and open items that an Accounts Receivable department has on account and makes important data more visible. As a result, there is increased efficiency internally and customers experience an improvement in service. 

With RapidAR, payment receipts are automatically captured as they arrive from various sources, enabling real-time visibility of all receipts in progress. Payments are able to be applied immediately to the correct invoices and quickly reconciled with customer billings in your financial system. 

How is Accounts Receivable automation achieved? 

RapidAR is a versatile platform, built on highly flexible architecture, which successfully addresses the needs of organisations for connected business process applications.



Increase efficiency and speed in the Accounts Receivable process by automating the manual human-resourced tasks.



Increase the accuracy of issued invoices and provide reliable information to deal with disputed or delinquent accounts



Increase visibility of all important accounts receivable data and achieve real-time decision-making capability



Increase profitability and achieve superior cash-flow management

Efficiency Leaders can help transform your business.