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Version – V5.2

Introducing a whole new range of updates to enhance the user experience, advanced configuration capabilities and security improvements.

19 June 2023


Multi Factor Authentication

RapidAP V5.2 introduces a robust Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) capability, enhancing the security of your accounts payable automation platform. This feature offers users the flexibility to choose their preferred MFA options, including email, SMS, and support for Microsoft and Google Authenticator apps.

Key Features:

  • User Choice: RapidAP empowers users to select their preferred MFA method, providing a personalised and user-friendly experience. Whether it’s receiving a one-time code via email, SMS, or utilising their trusted authenticator app, users have the freedom to choose what suits them best.
  • Administrative Control: Administrators are equipped with the ability to reset MFA codes for users utilising Microsoft and Google Authenticator apps. This ensures seamless access management and account recovery in case of lost or compromised devices.
Document Library
  1. Help Button: In RapidAP V5.2, a new feature is added to Rapid’s Document Library – the Help Button. This feature aims to simplify the process of finding answers and guidance. By clicking on the Help Button, users will be redirected to Rapid’s Knowledge Base, where they can access answers to their questions and useful resources.
  2. Supporting document delete reason: In our continuous efforts to enhance security and audit capabilities, we have implemented a new requirement for deleting supporting attachments. Users will now be prompted to enter a reason for the deletion. This reason, along with the user’s details and the date and time, will be recorded in the document history. This enhancement ensures transparency and accountability in managing document deletions.
  3. Remove non-printable ascii characters from text fields at document creation: Rapid will now automatically remove non-printable ascii characters (ASCII values lower than 32 and higher than 126) from text fields during document creation.
GL Coding
  1. Default and filter coding using invoice line item code: In RapidAP V5.2, we’ve enhanced the General Ledger (GL) coding configuration options. You can now default, or filter GL coding based on the invoice line-item codes. Simplify your workflows, achieve greater precision, and enhance the automation of GL coding with our new configuration capability.
  1. Email templates: In response to user feedback, we’ve introduced the ability to customise email notifications. Now, the email notifications can be tailored to match your organisation’s branding and communication style, creating a more consistent user experience.
Administrative Enhancements
  1. Flexible Session Idle Timeout Configuration: In RapidV5.2, we’ve introduced the ability to configure session idle timeout according to your preferences or organisational needs. This new feature offers the flexibility to set the idle timeout duration that works best for you, enhancing control and customisation options.
  2. Concurrent User License Management: In Rapid V5.2, administrators now have the ability to proactively log out inactive users who have been idle for a period of time. This feature allows administrators to efficiently free up concurrent user licenses, ensuring optimal resource utilisation.
  3. Efficiency Leaders’ admin account: Efficiency Leaders’ admin accounts will no longer consume a concurrent license, and they will no longer be displayed on the users’ page. This enhancement optimises license utilisation.
Vendor Onboarding
  1. Vendor Code generation: In Rapid V5.2, we’ve introduced a new feature that allows you to generate vendor codes sequentially within our vendor onboarding module. This simplifies the vendor management process and ensures consistent and organised vendor creation.
  2. Attachments, Notes and History added to Vendor form: In our latest update, the vendor onboarding form has been improved for user-friendliness. Now, you’ll find convenient buttons and links to view and add supporting documents, notes, and access the vendor onboarding process history. These enhancements streamline the onboarding process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.
  3. Request additional supporting documentation: With Rapid V5.2, the vendor onboarding process is even more versatile. Now, the requestor can request specific supporting documents from the vendor. The list of required documents can be configured based on your organisational needs, and when raising a new vendor onboarding request, simply select which ones the vendor needs to provide. This enhancement streamlines the onboarding process and ensures that the necessary documentation is readily available.
  4. Vendor On-hold and Active buttons and functionality: In Rapid V5.2, we’ve introduced advanced control features for vendor records. Now, you can easily manage the on-hold and active toggles on the vendor form. Tailor their visibility, editability, and readonly status to align with specific user roles in the vendor onboarding process.
  5. Resend Vendor activation: Now, administrators have the capability to resend activation links to vendor users, if the vendor user hasn’t received or misplaced the original email. This ensures that vendors can easily activate their accounts and provide essential details such as banking information and supporting documents.
  6. Vendor Master data import: In our latest update, we’ve improved the vendor master data import, seamlessly integrating it with the vendor onboarding module. Now, clients can make vendor changes both within the ERP and RapidAP. Notably, if modifications are made within the ERP, Rapid will automatically exclude vendors with ongoing onboarding processes from updates during the vendor import. This enhancement ensures data accuracy and avoids interference with active onboarding workflows.
  7. Supplier Portal – Status Column: In our ongoing efforts to enhance the vendor onboarding module, we’ve made updates to the vendor portal. Now, you’ll find a status column with vendor-friendly status labels. For instance, when an invoice is in coding status, it will be displayed to the vendor as “processing.” These improvements provide clear and user-friendly communication, streamlining the vendor experience.
Updated Task Status
  1. Updated task status: Missing rejected status The document statuses ‘REJECTED-EXP’ and ‘REJECTED-EXP FAILED’ have now been added to the Update Task Status page.


Known Issues

There are no known issues in RapidAP V5.2.

Version – V5.1

Introducing a whole new range of updates to enhance the user experience, advanced configuration capabilities and security improvements.

19 June 2023


  • Default password and notification
    As part of RapidAP’s ongoing efforts to enhance security measures, any users created within the platform will now receive an automatic email notification containing their unique default password. Users will be prompted to reset their password upon their first login, ensuring greater security for their account.


  • Multiple incorrect password entries
    RapidAP has implemented measures to thwart security threats, including brute force attacks. As a precautionary measure, users will be temporarily barred from accessing the platform if they enter an incorrect password multiple times. The number of incorrect password attempts and the duration of the lockout period can be tailored in accordance with the customer’s organizational security policy.
Vendor Onboarding

RapidAP Vendor Onboarding module streamlines the process of adding new vendors to an organization’s accounts payable system.

Here’s an overview of the vendor onboarding process in RapidAP:

  1. Create new vendor request
  2. Collect Vendor Information
  3. Review of Vendor Information
  4. Vendor Approval Process
  5. Integration with ERP

Vendors that are onboarded using RapidAP’s vendor onboarding module will be granted access to the Vendor Portal within Rapid. This portal allows vendors to view their invoices and other related information, providing them with greater visibility into the payment process.

Task List
  • Additional sort options
  • Task filtering by assignee
  • Automatically open next task
  • Document History – Filtered view
  • Configurable Vendor Lookup
  • Display Rejection Reason
  • Automatic search in Vendor Lookup
  • Configurable Vendor Lookup
  • Automatic search in Vendor Lookup
  • Display Rejection Reason
Role Permissions
  • User Settings – Manage Role permissions
    RapidAP administrators now have the ability to manage permissions for the User Settings page. This includes limiting user access to certain features, such as disabling task notifications, to prevent inadvertent missed notifications. These enhanced permission controls provide greater security and customization options for administrators.


  • Unused pages are hidden
    RapidAP has implemented a feature that automatically hides modules that are not in use by a particular customer from the role permissions page. This streamlines the process of managing user permissions for Rapid administrators, making it more efficient and user-friendly.


  • Restricting Role Permissions
    RapidAP has implemented measures to prevent users from granting themselves elevated permissions by prohibiting them from modifying their own permissions. Additionally, users are not allowed to create roles with higher permissions than their own. These measures ensure that user permissions are kept within authorized limits, bolstering the overall security of the platform.


  • Notifications
    System administrators now have the flexibility to customize the frequency of daily task notifications according to their specific requirements. The latest update allows administrators to configure the notification system to send notifications multiple times a day, daily, weekly, or even on specific weekdays, such as the first or last weekday of a month. This enhanced functionality ensures that users receive task notifications at the desired intervals, aligning with their preferences.
  • Password Policy Updates
    RapidAP’s updated password policy requires passwords to adhere to the following guidelines:
    Be at least eight (8) characters in length
    Contain a combination of upper- and lower-case letters
    Include digits, special characters, and no white spaces
    No common words.


  • SSO login
    RapidAP users who utilize single sign on can now seamlessly access their SSO provider by clicking a button on the login page. With the latest update, the need for users to input their username and click on “next” has been eliminated, thereby reducing the number of clicks required. This enhancement streamlines the login process for users and ensures that all users within a specific customer are using SSO.


  • Add New User – Password fields when SSO used
    When adding a new user for customers utilizing SSO, the password fields have been disabled as part of the latest update.

Version – V5

Introducing a whole new range of updates to enhance the user experience, advanced configuration capabilities and security improvements.

25th February, 2023


Document Library and Task List
  • RapidAP’s document library has undergone significant improvements to enhance the user experience. Now, users can conveniently view the sum of amounts for each amount field, access expanded sections to delve into additional details, quickly navigate to tasks with the new Open Task button and enjoy the flexibility of resizing and moving pop-ups within the browser screen.

  • The document library now offers a filtering view that allows each logged-in user to easily view invoices specific to the entities or sites they have access to.

  • Task List has been expanded to include advanced filtering and sorting capabilities, reduced number of mouse clicks with the introduction of short keys and automatically opening the next task in queue, simple document history view and much more.
  • Configuration capabilities have been expanded for both administrators and AP Users. Users can now enable No-PO No-Pay policy at a supplier level to automatically reject and notify suppliers when a PO number is not provided.

  • User-defined fields have been expanded to support different types of fields such as custom lookups, checkboxes, radio buttons and JavaScript triggers.
Adaptive Rules module
  • RapidAP’s new Adaptive Rules module allows the creation of client specific rules based on specific customer requirements, supplementing the existing set of 71 out-of-the-box rules.
Mobile UI
  • The introduction of the new mobile UI for RapidAP enables users to conveniently access and manage their tasks, allowing them to view and take necessary actions directly from their mobile phones.
Security updates
    • As part of RapidAP’s ongoing efforts to enhance security measures, a number of changes have been made such as improved password policy in line with industry best practices.

Version – V4

Introducing exciting new features like Single Sign-On (SSO), Dashboards and Accrual Reporting and a lot more improvements.

17th July, 2022


PEPPOL e-invoicing
  • RapidAP now supports PEPPOL eInvoices by seamlessly ingesting and validating data through the PEPPOL network. This enables secure and efficient information exchange, minimizing errors and eliminating the need for OCR data extraction.
Single Sign-On
  • RapidAP now supports Single Sign-On (SSO) using Azure AD.
Dashboards and Accrual Reporting
  • A Dashboard has been added to provide users with greater visibility into their transactional invoice data.

  • The newly introduced Accrual Reporting in RapidAP empowers users to gain insights into their liabilities and commitments.
Serverless Architecture
  • RapidAP has transitioned to a serverless architecture, unlocking a multitude of benefits such as enhanced reliability, uninterrupted uptime, improved performance, scalability, and heightened security measures.
Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase Requisition module has been enhanced to include the capability of generating and sending the purchase order to suppliers via email directly from RapidAP.

  • Additionally, requisitioner receipting process has been enhanced.
  • Configuration capabilities have been expanded for both administrators and AP admins to include the ability to skip OCR (auto-verification), approvals based on the invoice line cost allocations (parallel approval), and advanced configuration through the new user-defined fields feature.

Version – V3

We have expanded the integration methods to include APIs and enhanced the configuration capabilities. Purchase Requisition module has been introduced to manage the entire Purchase-to-Pay process in one system.

8th September, 2021


Version – V2

RapidAP was expanded to include extensive configurable components such as invoice library, workflows, and integration modules.

6th June, 2020


Version – V1

In 2019, Efficiency Leaders launched RapidAP, designed to administer best practice accounts payable invoice capture and workflows to complement our clients existing ERP systems.

21st January, 2019


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