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RapidAP integrates seamlessly with TechnologyOne enterprise software so customers can leverage the ERPs capabilities, while gaining PEPPOL
e-Invoicing and 
complete accounts payable automation functionality to meet business needs.  

The integration process: 

Integrating RapidAP with TechnologyOne takes two days and involves the following steps: 

1. A CSV file export from TechnologyOne to RapidAP of all suppliers and invoices from the last two years. This allows us to match the structure and data fields in your ERP to RapidAP, so any information added or updated in one system automatically carries over to the other.

2. When the data fields and structure match, we establish an automated data exchange using a REST/SOAP-API protocol. When all fields and structures have been verified, purchase order details and coding data are synchronised to RapidAP using real-time lookups in TechnologyOne.

3. The invoice image (source files PDF, JPEG, PNG etc) is sent via Secured File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) from RapidAP to the ERP and linked in the SOAP message to the respective payment data in TechnologyOne; this enables you to view the original invoice in your ERP. When the exchange of data and source files are set up, the solution is ready for testing.

4. Testing is an important part of the integration process. We use actual supplier invoices to validate that the data capture, robotic process automation and real-time exchange with the ERP works seamlessly to deliver you real efficiency gains.

What does RapidAP provide?

When configured to your business and integrated with TechnologyOne, RapidAP addresses your endtoend invoice processing needs for both PEPPOL e-Invoices and traditional invoices. Our RapidAP accounts payable automation solution offers the following: 

1. Connection to the PEPPOL network

RapidAP provides an invoice receiver’s PEPPOL access point. This means you can be all set up to receive e-Invoices, facilitating quicker, more efficient payment processes. RapidAP uses REST APIs to integrate with both the PEPPOL network and TechnologyOneenabling one interconnected solution.  

With RapidAP, you can receive PEPPOL e-invoices without needing to separately engage a PEPPOL-accredited service provider or upgrade your TechnologyOne software.  

2. Accurate and reliable data capture 

For your traditional invoices, RapidAP uses world-leading Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to capture, classify, separate and process invoices (Purchase Order, Non-Purchase Order and Credit Notes) from different file types. Accounts payable staff can scan paper documents so that the OCR can also digitise and validate this data, before sending it to the workflow.   

The OCR automates the process of entering supplier invoices and credit notes into the ERP, so you don’t have to manually key them in. It achieves greater accuracy and throughput than a person can and has machine-learning capabilities to become more efficient with each extraction. 

3. Stringent compliance checks  

For all invoice types, RapidAP checks for duplicates in its system as well as in TechnologyOne. If duplicate invoices or duplicate line items are found, they are put on hold to ensure they do not get processed.  

RapidAP automatically cross-checks the vendor’s ABN and GST details with the Australian Business Register. This ensures that the business is legitimate and entitled to claim GST if it is charged on the invoice. The solution also verifies that the payment details on the invoice match those stored in the ERP, so fraudulent payments are not inadvertently made. 

RapidAP carries out a three-way matching process between the purchase order, the purchase order invoice and the goods receipt, or a two-way match between the purchase order and the purchase order invoice, down to the line level.  

4. An efficient storage system  

RapidAP’s digital invoice library stores all invoices that arrive in the business, whether they are traditional invoices digitised through OCR, or PEPPOL e-Invoices. All invoices can be searched, retrieved and reports can be run, providing management greater transparency and enabling better financial control. The library logs every interaction with each invoice, recording a complete audit history. When paid, invoices remain stored in the system for the required term. 

5. Automated workflow   

RapidAP routes tasks to specific individuals that have approval, coding or exception management responsibilities. These items are highlighted on a personalised task list until they are actioned. This functionality ensures accountability, so invoices keep moving through the workflow. With both traditional invoicing and PEPPOL e-Invoicing, there will always be exceptions to manage to ensure the buyer pays its suppliers the correct amounts.  

6. Data exchange with ERP  

Business intelligence relies on the capture, transfer and analysis of data, drawn from many sources. Therefore, solutions need to talk to each other to deliver real value. By seamlessly integrating RapidAP with your TechnologyOne software, you can get the most out of your technology, leveraging its capabilities and complementing it with specialist accounts payable processing functionality.  

RapidAP supports several integration protocols and has integrated with almost all ERP systems, including TechnologyOne, SAP, JD Edwards, MS Dynamics, Oracle Financials, Baseplan, SunSystems, Civica Authority and many more.  

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