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The Problem – Why do you need eInvoicing?

Not having a PEPPOL eInvoicing system can lead to inefficiencies, errors, and compliance issues.

It can take as long as 20 days to process an invoice due to inefficiencies

63% of companies experience invoice processing errors regularly

Failure to comply can even lead to termination of government contracts.


The Solution – PEPPOL eInvoicing enabled RapidAP

Automate your Accounts Payables with our PEPPOL-enabled AP Solution and

Reduce Invoice Processing Time to less than 3 days

Get rid of Data Processing Errors with our 100% Accuracy Rate

Start processing PEPPOL eInvoices with 100% Compliance

How does our PEPPOL eInvoicing Work?

Making eInvoice Processing Convenient!


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Once validated, you can start receiving and processing your PEPPOL eInvoices

Check out how much you can save with AP Automation!

Free Accounts Payable Processing Costs Calculator

Use our Accounts Payable Processing Calculator to compare manual invoicing costs with automated invoicing costs and see how much you can save by automating your Accounts Payable.

Remember our RapidAP reduces your costs by 82%. Use it as a benchmark when choosing an Accounts Payable Automation Software.


Reduction in Invoice Processing Cost


Reduction in Manual Data Entry


Data Accuracy

Contact Details

$9.94per Invoice
$9.94per Invoice

* Including implementation costs

The calculation is generated with a computer driven mathematical model and relies on user input. Future costs estimates are based on many assumptions and may fluctuate. These estimations are intended as a guide only.

$9.94Months for ROI

What are our Customers Saying

Efficiency Leaders has helped several companies streamline their Financial Processes and become more efficient while saving costs and improving profits. Look at what our clients have to say about our solutions.

Check out our RapidAP Interactive Demo

RapidAP is Australia’s #1 Accounts Payable Automation Software. Reduce your invoicing costs and make your process faster and more efficient with this solution. Check out the Demo to see the magic of RapidAP with your own eyes.

Why Choose Our PEPPOL eInvoicing?

Smart Features for Seamless Invoice Processing

Seamless Integration

No matter which ERP or financial system you use, our platform will integrate seamlessly with almost all of them without any glitches.

Easier to Use

We provide a no-fuss solution. You can start using our eInvoicing platform out-of-the-box with little to no configuration required making it easy to use.

Customised Solutions

Configure our platform in a way that suits your business. Update user permissions, create new rules and more in a single click.

Quicker Results

Our solution can be deployed in 10 weeks with ERP integration done in just 2 days and you can start getting your ROI within a year.

Our Solutions Integrate with all the Major ERPs

Integrate our solutions to your ERP

RapidAP is easy to integrate with more than 98% of the ERPs available in the market. Our team works with you to ensure our solution is integrated with your ERP seamlessly and quickly.