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At Efficiency Leaders, we’re extremely experienced integrating with TechnologyOne as around a third of our clients use this enterprise solution.

Here are some questions and answers about how to start PEPPOL e-invoicing if you’re on TechnologyOne 

1. How do TechnologyOne users receive and process PEPPOL e-invoices?

TechnologyOne is not providing access to the PEPPOL network as standard on its Connected Intelligence (Ci) or Ci Anywhere platform. To receive and process e-invoices, TechnologyOne users need to: 

      • Engage an accredited PEPPOL access point service provider to connect them to the network.  
      • Upgrade to the SaaS platform – Ci Anywhere 2020B release (or later). 
      • Implement Ci Anywhere electronic invoicing and intelligent invoice processing. 

2. What other options are there for enabling PEPPOL e-invoicing on TechnologyOne?

Another option for receiving and processing e-invoices is to add on a third-party application that’s already connected to the PEPPOL network. The advantage of integrating a PEPPOL-ready application is that it adds value beyond providing access to the network.  

For example, a PEPPOL-enabled accounts payable automation solution, such as RapidAP, can take care of the ingestion and processing of all your invoices (PEPPOL and traditional invoices), delivering game-changing efficiency gains for your business.

3. What does RapidAP offer?

RapidAP is a specialist accounts payable automation solution that allows you to automate your end-to-end invoice capture, storage, processing, and approval needs. This means you do not have to manually enter invoice information into company systems. It offers: 

      • Complete end-to-end accounts payable automation, as required (see question 5). 
      • Configurability with functionality turned on or off according to business requirements. 
      • Integrated buyer’s PEPPOL access point for receiving e-invoices. 
      • Integrated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) data capture technology. 
      • Systems integration with TechnologyOne via several possible methods.  


4. How does RapidAP integrate with TechnologyOne?

For both Ci and Ci Anywhere, integration with RapidAP is possible using:  

      • CSV file export (no licence required) 
      • Web service import (licensing required) 
      • API import (licensing required) 
      • Hybrid method (licensing required) 

While some businesses may already have the required licences, others may need to purchase them. Through consultation, Efficiency Leaders and the client will decide the best approach to take. With any of these methods, integration usually just takes a day or two. 

5. What does RapidAP offer TechnologyOne users?

RapidAP is highly configurable; this ensures the solution addresses your business requirements rather than duplicating what you already have with TechnologyOne.  

Here are some options RapidAP can offer TechnologyOne users: 

PEPPOL e-Invoicing only

RapidAP provides a buyer’s PEPPOL access point and compliance checks to validate e-invoicing payment data. These security lookups do the following:  

      • verify the seller is a legitimate business, 
      • validate that the invoice is not a duplicate,  
      • match purchase order invoices with the purchase order and goods receipt, 
      • cross-check the payment details with the master vendor files,  
      • confirm the business is registered for GST if it’s claimed on the invoice. 

    RapidAP validates the e-invoice payment data, before passing it to TechnologyOne in the structure it requires for invoice processing, approvals, posting and payment.  

    Benefit: This enables you to offer your suppliers e-invoicing and faster payment times by eliminating manual data entry into TechnologyOne. 

    PEPPOL e-Invoice + traditional invoices

    With this option, RapidAP processes invoices in whatever form they come in. Using its in-built Optical Character Recognition (OCR) data capture technology, RapidAP automatically extracts and authenticates the data from invoices that suppliers have emailed through, largely eliminating manual data entry. RapidAP also receives and validates e-invoices from the PEPPOL network.  

    When the solution has performed the compliance checks and verified the payment data, it passes it to TechnologyOne in the structure it requires for its invoice approval workflows, posting and payment. 

    Benefit: This enables you to automate your end-to-end accounts payable processes from data capture to payment, leveraging RapidAP and TechnologyOne capabilities.  

    PEPPOL e-Invoice + traditional invoices + approval workflows

    RapidAP provides a complete end-to-end accounts payable solution for both PEPPOL and non-PEPPOL invoices. This includes activating RapidAP’s in-built business rules engine to administer the coding, approval, and exception management process before sending data to TechnologyOne for invoice posting and payment.  

    Benefit: This enables you to fully meet your business requirements should you have complex invoice processing needs that are not sufficiently met by TechnologyOne.  

    6. What comes next?

    If you’re looking to become PEPPOL enabled with TechnologyOne, RapidAP has an accounts payable solution to meet your needs. To find out more, contact us today on +61 2 8004 5446. 

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