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Rapid Expense Management (RapidEM) is designed for organisations that want to free themselves of paper. Rapid EM allows anyone with any device including Windows, Blackberry, IOS and Android to add automation to their organisation’s expense process.

Rapid EM focuses on form and function, with a beautiful interface that works on any smartphone, tablet or web browser, bringing simplification for the expense management process. 

Many organisations don’t realise that expense management is one of the largest controllable costs for a company, after payroll and, in some cases, stock. What is even more surprising is that there is only rudimentary oversight to the process. It may involve a very convoluted spreadsheet to determine where expenditures have occurred and the approval process alone takes the manager’s focus away from more mission-critical endeavours.

Rapid EM can provide a road map for the process 

Rapid EM can create a frictionless process that produces happier staff, easier insights to approvals for managers and a visually stunning interface. It’s imperative that expense management is viewed as critically as any other business process within the company.

Simplify expense management processing with Rapid EM

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