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Health Check

Our solution health check will help you understand what you have and, more importantly, how to maximise and unlock value from unused modules. We can create a shopping list of things you can improve and add and you can ask us to do some or all of it. We want to assist you in achieving your desired outcomes.

Many organisations invest in a solution, but over time the organisation’s requirements change. Perhaps the solution wasn’t fully deployed at the beginning.

Additionally, you may be paying too much for your renewals. A comprehensive solution health check will answer these questions for you. 

Best Practice

Even the same solution may have huge differences between the partners that deploy it. We have seen capture solutions with 60% accuracy and up to 90% accuracy. In this case, a higher number is significantly better. Someone with 90% capture accuracy is essentially doing 50% fewer tasks manually.

We can look at your system and give you real advice on how to maximise performance.


We’ve seen many customers go to market for a new solution when something they already have can do the job just fine. Why waste money and time installing different systems?

You may already have a Capture or a BPM/Workflow tool as part of a solution already deployed. Are you maximising the investment you have with your existing solution? Our Solution Health Check will let you unlock the hidden value in your solution and underlying products.

The team at Efficiency Leaders look at delivering solutions with real business outcomes. We have had many customers like Kennards Hire, University of New England, Southern Cross University and Toowoomba Regional Council switch to us from other suppliers for this very reason. Thinking creatively about solutions to real-world problems is a key strength of ours.


Efficiency Leaders can help transform your business.

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