Twin Towns

Twin Towns Automates 15000 Invoices per month with Efficiency Leaders and Reduces Cost by 80%

Twin Town Clubs & Resorts is one of Australia’s premier licensed club groups. The company processes around 15,000 invoices per month. Before purchasing Efficiency Leaders’ AP Automation Solution, they had to manually process their purchase orders and there were too many invoice touchpoints.

Efficiency Leader’s solutions not only helped them reduce invoice processing touchpoints but also reduced the time spent and the cost to process per invoice.


Cost Reduction


Time Reduction

The Client

Twin Towns is one of the leading organisations in the Australian hospitality industry. Employing a staff of 450 people, Twin Towns provides entertainment, accommodation, dining, conference, meeting and event facilities across 3 sites to international and local members and visitors to the Gold Coast and Northern NSW region.

So, naturally, the amount of paperwork processed daily at Twin Towns is tremendous, particularly in terms of accounts payable processing. Approximately 15,000 invoices pass through its accounts payable (AP) system each month, requiring a robust solution to automate its entire structure.

The Challenges

Although Twin Towns had already implemented inventory management and financial software (Micros™-FIDELIO materials control and TechnologyOne financials systems), they were still facing problems with their AP processing. Invoice data needed to be entered manually which was time-consuming and inefficient and often it had to be done a minimum of twice.

Once management had approved an invoice and its details, the information was entered manually into Micros™. The invoice was then sent (via internal mail) to the AP team who manually entered the invoice information all over again into their accounting system, TechnologyOne Financials. The costs associated with managing invoice processing, as well as the human labour required to catch and fix any errors through the process, was increasing.

With the number of ‘‘touch points’’ an invoice needed to go through to be processed, the company needed a powerful and tailored technology solution to efficiently manage and automate the inflow and outflow of information and data.

The Solution

Our team of experts had a detailed discussion with the Twin Towns management to understand their business needs. We performed a gap analysis and found the areas where they needed help and designed a solution perfectly tailored to their requirements.

1) Seamless Integration:

Efficiency Leaders’ capture capabilities have enabled Twin Towns to accurately extract and transfer data from any document into all back-end systems (TechnologyOne, Micros™, Materials Control) through seamless integration.

2) Automated PO handling:

Purchase Orders are now raised electronically in Micros™ instead of manually. When the goods arrive at Twin Towns, the invoice is checked against the stock. The invoice is then scanned. Efficiency Leaders’ solution automatically extracts all the data contained on the invoice.

3) Machine Learning Application:

One of the many benefits of this solution is that it can be integrated with any existing IT and business systems. The intelligent scanning and distribution solution is a self-learning software system, meaning it will even “learn by example” and adapt to documents that frequent the business, allowing configuration to be quickly optimised. Intelligent software improves data quality, reduces data entry costs, and perfectly complements existing software systems.


The Results

Kim Collins, Executive Manager of Finance of Twin Towns says

“Efficiency Leaders’ solution has provided cost efficiencies and improvements in processes, resources and internal controls. Overall the flow of work is more efficient and effective. It enables us to manage our purchasing and stock management systems more efficiently and has automated the processing of invoice information into our IT systems. The solution also performs validation checks (tax invoices, purchase orders, creditor details etc) to ensure the accuracy of information entered into our core systems. “

“Staff have truly embraced and taken ownership of the new system. They were involved in the initial planning and testing of the system and Efficiency Leaders, as a result of their feedback, tailored the system to suit Twin Towns’ needs. Since Efficiency Leaders completed the solution upgrade project, Twin Towns are looking at how they can implement their new system in other areas of the business – payroll, HR, staff surveys, membership processing etc. Our entire business is now leveraging from the IT investment and the business processes are becoming more automated and efficient thanks to the assistance from Efficiency Leaders.”

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