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Efficiency Leaders understands that every customer is different, organisations differ in size and that every industry has its own specific nuances. We work closely with you and your team to deliver the best solutions for every organisation, in every industry. 

Building & Construction

The latest industry forecasts show the crucial role this sector is playing in re-balancing the Australian economy as it transitions from the mining and housing booms towards moderation in a services-based economy.

Efficiency Leaders has a proud history of helping drive productivity enhancements to back office functions like Accounts Payable.

Brickworks, one of our customers decided to introduce automated account payables workflows and increase efficiency in their business-critical processes.


$7 billion are spent  on child care services per annum by the Australian Government. Childcare centres are increasingly under pressure to deliver a greater level of care to children, on flat or reduced budgets. Efficiency Leaders understands this and we have assisted leading organisations, like G8 Education, streamline their back- end processes.


Education today has many challenges like designing new curriculum to prepare students for the 21st century and ensuring they all get an appropriate education. We understand the last thing education institutions want to do is spend money on back office functions. Efficiency Leaders has numerous successful customers that have benefited from reducing these cost so they can free resourcing for whats important. 

Efficiency Leaders has numerous successful customers within the Education industry that have benefited from reducing back-end processing costs resulting in increased available resource funding.


Government is under pressure to get closer with citizens, offering more personable service. Efficiency Leaders focus on real business outcomes is ideally suited to Government applications. Efficiency Leaders has worked closely with Government to deliver some of the best solutions within the industry. 


Healthcare is Australia’s largest industry employing over 1 million people, but despite its size, the industry is fragmented and under constant pressure from an ageing population and budget pressures. Efficiency Leaders has an extremely successful history providing automation solutions for the healthcare industry to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Efficiency Leaders has implemented an accounts payable automation solution for one of the largest providers of Aged and Health Care services in Australia.


A productive manufacturing sector is a critical component of a thriving economy. The viability and future success of Australian manufacturing, and the millions of jobs this sector supports rely on national productivity and competitiveness. At Efficiency Leaders, we are streamlining processes and driving productivity to our manufacturing economy

Efficiency Leaders has numerous successful customers within the Manufacturing industry that have benefited from streamlining processing costs

Small Business

Small organisations don’t need complexity. Elegant solutions that have little set-up time with intuitive interfaces are the desired approach. RapidAP is one example of a solution that’s a great fit for smaller organisations. RapidAP will capture your invoices, extract the data, provide intelligent workflows and give you a digitised record for your archives. RapidAP works with popular finance and ERP systems to provide seamless integration.

Medium Sized Business

Medium size organisations want to benefit from SaaS technology, but they have more sophisticated needs with perhaps multiple systems in any given workflow. We design systems that are pre-configured with a majority of the functionalities desired like RapidAP and RapidEM. These systems can be tailored to specific requirements and give you access from any device like tablets and smartphones.


Enterprises have specific needs and customised solutions that typically work best to achieve desired outcomes. Efficiency Leaders can also deliver Accounts Receivable automation, with real-time integration, in just a few months. We will deliver a solution that shows a strong ROI in a very short timeframe. Enterprise solutions don’t require long project times or over-expenditure of budgets. 

Efficiency Leaders can help transform your business.

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