Efficiency Leaders and Zespri AP Automation solution

Zespri International Limited is the world’s largest distributor of kiwifruit, with operations in more than 60 countries accounting for 30% of global kiwifruit volume. Zespri’s global headquarters are in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, in the heart of New Zealand’s largest kiwifruit producing region, the Bay of Plenty.

With offices in Europe, Asia, and North America, the company is owned by more than 3,000 current and past kiwifruit growers, who share a commitment to the continuous quality improvement of Zespri Kiwifruit, together with the Zespri Board, Executive team and staff.

Zespri International Limited employs a best practice approach in all of its processes and the organisation is dedicated to being a sustainable business and market leader. The company has recently adopted a specific focus on driving process standardisation globally through adopting the most efficient and effective processes available. The company has only recently begun its journey towards establishing universal best practice business process management (BPM) paradigms.

Zespri were keen to optimise efficiencies in more than just their Accounts Payable process. The ELAP capability of addressing inefficiencies in business processes, enterprise-wide, was highly appealing. This empowers Zespri to provide the most cost-effective administrative process automation, across all business units, for global operations.


The main challenge confronting Zespri was the need for rapid international deployment of a consistent automated process to replace their existing non-standardised, paper-based, manual processes, thus reducing the errors, high administrative costs and time delays associated with existing procedures. Zespri’s objectives were to implement a standard, automated Accounts Payable (AP) process throughout its international operations which leveraged the appropriate technology capabilities.

To realise this objective, Zespri appointed Efficiency Leaders to deploy the Efficiency Leaders Automation Platform (ELAP). The project has been implemented in New Zealand with success and the solution is now rolled-out globally.


As part of the solution, Efficiency Leaders worked with Zespri to address the challenges that Zespri were experiencing with their Kodak scanners not being able to scan directly to email. Whilst the scanners offered limited functionality, Efficiency Leaders deployed some of its own sophisticated scanning technology which enabled the devices to scan to email efficiently in the way that Zespri required. This, along with the multi-language geographically distributed solution, supports Zespri’s objective to improve operational efficiencies globally.

“Although process automation is an important component of Zespri‘s project objectives, the principal benefit for them is that the business will have end-to-end visibility of their processes internationally. The new, standardised, automated process will allow the organisation to move into new markets without having to develop new processes each time. Manual handling of paper and manual data entry will also be significantly reduced.”

As a New Zealand based organisation, Zespri believes that working with a locally based Information Services (IS) delivery partner to deliver on their business objectives is critical. They were also determined to partner with a company which shares their passion and commitment to providing best-of-breed solutions to their customers. Zespri found the passion it was seeking in the Efficiency Leaders’ New Zealand team. The two companies have quickly formed a productive technology partnership which will redefine the way Zespri administers its business units in New Zealand and around the world.

“The Efficiency Leaders team across the board has come together to ensure we have a solution that is robust and delivers on the requirements, whilst minimising our cost, which is a fantastic outcome.” – Gregg Liebenberg, Solutions Manager at Zespri International Limited

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